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I've been obsessed with learning the ins and outs of online business and marketing since 2013. I was just a ranch girl at the time who started a niche e-commerce t-shirt company on a whim. By using social media, influencers (before those even were a thing), and quirky (slash slightly innappropriate) designs, I grew my business quickly and sold it. After that, I was hooked on making a living off my laptop, and helping others do the same. Working remotely has always been something I've been so passionate about. It helps people live a lucrative, flexible lifestyle. It helps moms stay home with their kids, people travel and see the world without having to take a break from business, and everyday people live extraordinary lives. 

So what would it take for you to work remotely or succeed with your own business? I believe it takes a commitment to mastery in these four different categories:


(and that's why I started this blog...)